Martin had a discussion about cars with a friend the other day. It seems Martin’s in the luxury bracket with his Audi A6. People are variously aghast, outraged or envious.

– How can you afford it?

The fact of the matter is, Martin’s car has an 06 registration making it sixteen years old. He bought it for two thousand euros and spent another thousand or so on repairs.

– Why don’t you buy a smaller car? Cheaper tax and insurance! There’s a fellah down in Eastwall who sells Japanese imports. You could buy a Honda Jazz or a Nissan Micra. Great cars!

– I wouldn’t be found dead in one. Old dears’ cars!

– I bought one.

– Sorry, I don’t mean to offend.

– You should be more down to earth, Martin.

– Funny, I could never achieve that.

– What???

a full moon
in the winter sky –
black ice

Gerry McDonell


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