What is “the other bunny”?

Well, a place, a “running” journal, for the “other kind of haibun”, the kind of haibun you normally won’t find in (regular) haiku/haibun journals. This journal/blog/site will be updated continuously i.e. submitted work will be published as they are accepted by the editor (Johannes S. H. Bjerg).

What to send: cutting edge haibun, free verse + haiku, collage poems + haiku, mash-up texts + haiku, experimental + haiku, tiny haibun (max. 25-30 word prose), haibunga (haibun incorporated into an image/photo/collage/painting), manipulated non-fiction + haiku, asemic writing pieces + haiku and whatever you can think of.

What not to send: traditional haibun, sci-fi haibun, fantasy haibun, haibun than dwells on past memories (childhood, failed loves etc. (private hurt)), nature observations, long walks, lost loves, tanka prose, no tanka whatsoever … what you can find elsewhere ;-) and remixes, erasures or “found” poetry. Write your own.

Formats etc.: send a max. of 3 works at a time and wait for acceptance/rejection before you send in new stuff. Send doc, docx, odt (any Libreoffice/Openoffice format), pdf, jpg – practically anything except “pages” files (Mac) to:

tob(@)megaga(dot)dk with “submission” [your name] in the subject line i.e. “Submission John Doe”

REMEMBER to quote your sources if you use other people’s materials. Even if they are dead and copyrights have expired.

PS: of course all right remains with the authors.

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