Crossword As Prophecy

The small synchronicities make me laugh: “rosemary,” HERB, your mother’s name; SIRENS, “naval hazards of mythology,” the name of the movie we just saw; ANSEL Adams, after we have just discussed his books. Then “bound together,” JOINED, as you talk of my infidelity. “‘Sea of Love’ actress?” Well, that must be me. And also the Shakespeare quotation, “Faith, as cold as can be.” But why is Galahad here, and Venus? And “Jerk,” should I take that personally? 48 Down: “On a ____ (carousing).” 100 Across: “Existed.” I don’t know the answer to “Outward moving muscle,” though I have some ideas, a few telling letters. 99 Across: “Comes ashore.” 66 Down: “Utterly beat.”

the sky before dawn
nothing as simple
as black or white

Kristen Lindquist

Crossword As Prophecy

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