Candyfloss went up the blocks to score some gems and came across Deno and the lads in the alio under Rachel Divers’ flat. She was pissed on her couch with some blueys in her and thinkin’ of shooting up, or maybe chase the dragon.

Someone said to one of Denos’ lads that Candyfloss knew who nicked the powertools outta the Gormans shed. Who the fuck would do that, rob from the fucking Gormans?

Anyway, Candyfloss was all strung out and flashin’ cash at Deno gummin’ to score, but Deno wasn’t havin’ it. He was mad to get in with the Gormans and started diggin’ at The Floss to name the fuckers, but Candyfloss, all uptight, started dissin’ Deno back.

Divers could hear the commotion below. She heard it when Deno smacked Candyfloss’s pink head off the wall. The vibrations went up the concrete and she could feel it through her floor. It was quite a bang, so she thought: whoever that poor fucker is, he’s fuckin’ dead now. She was rattlin’ with shock and went for another bluey to take the edge off it. When she saw her works in the drawer, she went for that instead.

death by overdose –
lying all night in darkness
her crying children

Sean O’Connor


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