Imaginary Friends

For a long time, Captain Hector Barbossa lived in our kitchen cupboard.
During dinner, we heard him eating apples, being disinclined to acquiesce the request of parley, encrusting his peg leg with gold and jewels.
One day he wasn’t there.
“He was just gone, mum”, my daughter said.  “He  was recognizing that the wind was blowing in his favor, and requesting all sails be made ready to grab as much wind as possible”.
“Maybe”, I asked, “we will see him again?”
“Oh. No”, my daughter said. “But nothing too bad, mum. I’ve invited Harry to come over here before going to Hogwarts. I just sent him a letter by flinging it out of my window for his owl to pick up. You’ll love him.”

september 1st
the platform 9 & 3/4
on my back

Antonietta Losito

Imaginary Friends

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