Meanwhile …

The grandpa’s cuckoo clock here in Rzeszów could strike 1:00 a.m. sharp.
A random clock there in Buffalo might be exactly six hours behind.
Just one cup of espresso could give a decent caffeine kick.
A big mug of sencha green tea might cool down almost unnoticeably.
The very first ‘ma-ma’ could fill two loving hearts with sheer delight.
A shooting star might namelessly fade away in the dark and cloudy sky.
A few slow steps to the top of Mount Everest could be taken.
One careless move might cause a rapid fall towards the terminal station.
A question about the sense of this while could finally grow up.
One of the possible answers might be given so as to spell it out.

the time
to read this
was to read this

Rafał Zabratyński

Meanwhile …

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