China Town

The guardian lions are slick and wet in the grey twilight. An old woman passes them with a slow, uneven gait, her mouth moving but her voice unintelligible. Across the street a young man speaks angrily to nobody in particular. Somewhere in the distance a man screams furiously, warning everyone within earshot that they are going to hell. As dawn lightens the grey clouds, shops begin to open one by one.

winter drizzle
the paranoid streets echo
lonely ghosts

Clayton Beach

China Town

4 thoughts on “China Town

  1. Frustratingly wordpress doesn’t allow me to like this, so I’ll post a comment.

    “the paranoid streets echo lonely ghosts”
    A very telling (in a good way) about some of our residential or shopping streets.

    Excellent work, of course! πŸ™‚

    warm regards,


  2. Clifford Lindemann says:

    Clifford W Lindemann aka Cuul ~ your haibun is delightful and ‘China Town’ could be any town even Johannesburg ~ very well done.


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