As I open the door to the church, I see a big red brick wall in front of me. There is a large picture of the Pope in a gold frame. Mary is outside shrouded in lights.
Martin is posing for his statue, hammer and nail in hand.
Chuck is busy dismantling the stained glass.
The newbies ask, “Did He really say that?” while the handyman, covered in sawdust, continues to build his wobbly staircase.
There is a box that says Feed the Hungry, on the floor, in the corner.
I rub my eyes, but I still can’t see Him…

lost in the pages
of his own book


Susan Beth Furst


4 thoughts on “Stripes

  1. My like didn’t register, the vagaries of wordpress nowadays alas. So I’ll write out my like. 🙂
    As usual, Susan Beth Furst doesn’t just ‘do’ haibun, it goes beyond that. Wonderful, thought provoking, and brilliant dynamic of prose and verse combined.

    warm regards,
    co-founder, Call of the Page


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