The Right Solution

I watched her working in her laboratory. My friend Sheila, the chemist.

She lifted a conical flask containing a colourless solvent and added a reddish brown amorphous substance to it. She placed the flask on the retort stand and lit the Bunsen burner underneath adjusting the flame just so. After a few minutes she dipped a thermometer into the solution to gauge its temperature. Satisfied, she measured a white crystalline compound on the balance and carefully added it to the flask. With a glass rod she stirred the solution till the colour was uniform. Finally she poured two test tubes of another white solvent into the bubbling solution on the burner. Having attained the desired consistency she poured the decanted solution from the conical flask into two beakers and turned to me.

“Care for a cup of Darjeeling tea?” she asked as she handed me a beaker.

waiting room—
the sugar baron complains
of diabetes

Gautam Nadkarni

The Right Solution

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