the opposite of annihilation

You don’t get something for nothing, to paraphrase Einstein. But that’s not the same as saying you can’t create matter. How could it be? Creating matter is a fundamental premise of the Big Bang.

quark quark
a quantum duck
in Schrödinger’s box

If a Big Bang can happen once, why not again? After all, how long can the odds be in an infinity of possibilities? Surely it’s a dead cert. Frankly, I’m more concerned with whether the resultant hypervolumes can interact.

quark antiquark
a quantum duck disappears
up its own black hole

While it’s universally accepted that the Big bang created time, what the hell is going on in the dimensions without time? Nothing? Everything? Can we comprehend it? Does it warrant contemplation? Perhaps I should have a cup of tea and listen to the cricket commentary instead.

antiquark antiquark
the universe clean bowled
a quantum duck

David J. Kelly

the opposite of annihilation

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