Dementia Transcript #7

we all have been so busy on the committee doing all the the the things that they talked to us about and I think it will help the teachers with things like this because they’re all about town and not really paying attention to the      oh          what’s the word         you know          to     to             all of those things that everyone says should happen because it’s not that that that we don’t want them to come with us but they need to be able to get offices like the ones on campus which were really just perfect and they had huge feasts with all us kids there on the farm and it was great great fun to go through the the coat closet and put on their big oversized coats and see the hairdryer there and so was the typewriter

winter sky
a crow
without a murder

Jennifer Hambrick

Dementia Transcript #7

4 thoughts on “Dementia Transcript #7

  1. Hi, Alan,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing my work all over social media. I’m honored, though as I wrote on Facebook, it’s a poem I wish would never have occurred to me or anyone else to write.

    Most sincerely,
    Jennifer Hambrick

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