Yesterday I removed -1000 emails from my computer. In a sense I exterminated them like the vermin they are, infesting every aspect of my life. Where do deleted messages go? Are they like space debris destined to forever encircle our fragile earth? And what of those trillions of social media and app communiques as inane as ‘having a great time, wish you were here’?

In this age of instant texting what meaning do these messages carry? George Orwell, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Carl Sagan have all had their say, now it is Stephen Hawking and Nostradamus.

Humanoids with huge thumbs are programming humans – so yes, Your honour, I plead guilty to cybercide, systematically deleting 1000 people from my cyberspace … message by mess… age…

black umbrellas gone
just one drips rain …
into the open grave

Angelee Deodhar


4 thoughts on “Armageddon

  1. Raveesh Varma says:

    Can one be charged for exterminating vermin, for this so-called “cybercide/Armageddon”? The haibun unto itself is among your most heartbreaking, but in the present context, do we need mourners or a grave for the “vermin”?


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