The Sundance Kid

You stay by the swings waiting for my covering fire. ‘Run’ I shout, before you thunder over, my oak rifle keeping the soldier on top of the slide occupied for a few seconds. Hiding by the tree in the corner of the park we ready ourselves for action. The Bolivian Army gathers at the park gates; outnumbering us, two against two hundred. ‘I suggest we go to the beach if we get out of this, Sundance’ I remark. ‘They have any ice creams down there, Butch?’ you answer before we charge from our shelter….Fuego! Fuego! Fuego!

freeze frame…
I wish we could hold the pose
a little longer


Tim Gardiner

The Sundance Kid

One thought on “The Sundance Kid

  1. Susan Beth Furst says:

    This is wonderful. It took me right back to the neighborhood when we used to play outside, and we used to play army and of course the boys would be generals and order us to clean the “barracks” with tree branches sweeping the dirt floor raising a cloud of dust! And of course Sundance and Butch I was a bit older, loved that movie! Your prose was very effective and your haiku was even better! Love this! bravo!


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