Light Emitting Invasion

He stopped the car to check a sat nav malfunction. He heard a pulsating sound. Through the trees he saw a strange, rotating, multi-coloured light. “A UFO!” he exclaimed.

Recalling accounts of radiation burns from such things, he grabbed the aluminium foil from the camping box, and wrapped himself in it. Then, he crept quietly into the woods, with only the occasional metallic rustle.

There, in a clearing, he saw a group of them, standing around the object, which hovered several feet from the ground. They looked at him with their huge eyes. He stopped in front of the UFO in amazement. It dangled from a tree branch, twirling, a bright coloured triangular object, about 18 cm high. Near the base, an inscription: “LED triangle mood light.”

hazy moon
my optician sends
a reminder

Martha Magenta

Light Emitting Invasion

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