The brain sways like a bob suspended on a nylon string between two worlds. Delirium. Anti-pyretics, anti-histamines and anti-biotics conjure up an obnoxious after-taste on the salivary glands. Vision of everything around spins like a reel of 70mm cinema strip. Senses drift into the alpha level of cognizance. Passing thoughts pour in at tandem. Lines demarking the real from the virtual start blurring. Surreal obscurity fills in. Fragile emotions come to surface, old regrets raise their vile heads.
Supposed to be a special rain drop that would fall upon a prism and splash out into a myriad of brilliant hues, here I am, getting carried away on a stray strand of destiny into sheer nothingness. The slide show of randomness continues till I wake up soaked in perspiration.

paradigm the fraying borders of an inkblot

Yesha Shah


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