The Fixer

the fixer

Footnotes: the Fixer is Jimmy Savile, a prolific English paedophile who hosted a programme on TV called “Jim’ll Fix It!” in the 1970’s and 80’s. The Milk Snatcher is Margaret Thatcher who put a halt on free school milk for under 11’s as soon as she gained office. Sir Glitter of Glam is Gary Glitter (a.k.a. Paul Gadd) a pop star from the 1970’s as well as being a prolific paedophile. Mrs Jackson is a reference to Michael Jackson the youngest of the 1970’s US band The Jackson Five and believed by many to have been a prolific paedophile.

-Brendan Slater

The Fixer

One thought on “The Fixer

  1. Thanks for adding the footnotes. I knew only two of the references. Reading your notes and then rereading the poem worked. Very powerful, terrifying in fact because these events do happen. You’ve really captured that mindset perfectly. I don’t get the “Mrs. Jackson” reference in regard to Michael Jackson. Still, you’ve left this reader zapped.


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