Metallic Moon

woven carpets sprawled across market places, a facade of thin embroidery across their plastic between the teeth of metal machines and grandma asks me if they can make the sun as well, since they’re making a rainbow and I say maybe they will come up with raindrops, or even tweezers for you to twist the twilight…
still, what do you think about a metallic moon?

man made forest…
measuring the surface area
of a dewdrop


Praniti Gulyani

Metallic Moon

Two Pieces


when we’re done having sex, he asks me to blow his cousin in the adjoining room…

greyhound racing life of a side piece


ice cube tray

two bottles of vodka
four bottles of beer
a few eggs
a bottle of mustard

filling up on emptiness someone’s leftovers

Robin Smith

Two Pieces

From the Office of Professional Responsibility

Dear Citizen in Violation (CIV),

You have received this OPR notice as a result of a complaint filed by the Minister of Perpetual Admiration (MPA). He has provided us with screen captures that indicate you are in clear violation of CODE #336-/1. Namely, you have posted online material in defiance of the recent decree regarding The Czar of Everything (CZAR).

Additionally, we have in our possession multiple YouTube videos in which you impersonate The Czar of Everything. All those who impersonate The Czar of Everything, who continually repeat his name mockingly, are subject to severe reprimand, so The Czar of Everything has decreed.

You will be visited by two Officers of Redaction (OR). They will assist or complete your Departure.

The loyal staff of The Czar of Everything thanks you for your past patriotism.

The Minister of Professional Responsibility (MPR)


island retreat
native birds outnumbered
by egg-eaters

Peter Newton

From the Office of Professional Responsibility

3 Pieces by Nicholas Klacsanzky

Subway Window

The best time I had was when I forgot myself. I don’t know why I ever came back.

the subway car window
shows only darkness . . .
and my reflection



I can’t figure out if mysticism is ecstatic or a sham. I go between Sufi dancing and wanting fame. Not everyone can sleep in the sand.

than emptiness:
our first name



I have never been on hard drugs, but it seems like I am. The cacophony of conversations in the cafe melds into my thought process and my mental silence. I thought I was high on meditation this morning, but I guess coffee can cut through inner calm, despite our idealism.

rain or snow?
I remove myself
from myself


Nicholas Klacsanzky



3 Pieces by Nicholas Klacsanzky

Two Pieces

Ballistic Gravitas

Amelia’s bones say nothing as air raid sirens wail.

noon sun
the frigate bird nabs
a flying fish



unmixed oil slicks press against dolphin skin

fall leaves…
a plastic bag gapes
wide as Texas

Theresa A. Cancro

Two Pieces


She is a student of economics at the Saint Petersburg university, Russia. Without knowing why, we talk about the global economic crisis. She says that’s a serious situation but it seems like all the investors in her country and in the rest of the world are just waiting … “waiting for what?” I ask. “The next big thing to get out of this situation” she says.

economic slump
a manager calls
for his horoscope


Andrea Cecon